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To truly order your life…

Would you be surprised to know that organizing isn’t just about the outward appearance of your home?

My dear friend and mentor, Vicki Norris says:

“What’s happening in our physical world is actually manifesting what’s going on in our internal world.

It’s not enough to just organize a space.  To truly order your life you must address disorder in every area of your life!  Household, work, finances, health and spirit!

We show up like Nancy Drew looking for Clutter Clues.

We are holistic organizers and what that means is that we care about the whole you!! We care about the entirety of who you are and desire to encourage you in life’s journey.

Yes, we can unpack and organize your home. We can clear your countertops, place your towels and toiletries to be functional and pretty. 

We’re not counselors. Well, not all of us on the team are counselors.  But we can talk to you about the importance of choosing to walk in forgiveness to have healthier relationships.  The importance of meal planning and budgeting to create boundaries and margin for increased peace.

Allow me to talk about the other ways we can serve you.  We’ve been doing this all along, we’re just ramping up our initiative and giving it a name: “holistic organizing.”

This simply means we first listen to what’s going on in your life, your struggles and your goals.  We then create a system based on your specific personality, needs and goals.  This system is designed to reflect your priorities, style and schedule. 

To be successful in the organizing efforts, we need to look at the big picture, not one tiny section of the frame. The system we design will be more complete making your items more accessible. 

Productivity: We can aid you in making better decisions with your time allowing you to prioritize priorities.  Once you articulate your strengths, weaknesses, time constraints and overall schedule we can suggest modifications to your schedule that will maximize your efforts and increase efficiency, margin and rest.

Meal planning, budgeting:  We can coordinate reservations, dinner deliveries, laundry services and point you to helpful resources that can make family meals together possible and achieving financial goals possible.  We have a list of preferred service providers in the event that our team can’t personally accommodate a need in your life, we know someone who can!

Relationships:  We can speak life, encouragement and hope to all areas of your life including how you respond to and react to others in your life.  As we work together the topic of relationships inevitably comes up and we listen well and gently motivate you toward a favorable outcome which begins with you.  Our perspective on relationships comes from (in part) the best selling book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.  

Common mistakes people make when decluttering are:

  1. Doing too much at once
  2. Buying products before starting the decluttering process
  3. Not planning beforehand
  4. Micro Organizing and Procrastination  -Starting with “the minutiae” the small insignificant things instead of Macro organizing which is working with the larger picture and sorting my broad general categories 

What causes Clutter? The outward (visual) answer is:

  1. Over buying
  2. Lack of time
  3. Not having a routine
  4. Mindless Shopping

But the REASON behind these behaviors that lead to clutter varies vastly by the individual.

We listen to you as you articulate what’s important to you during this season of your life. What are the obstacles that are holding you back from being organized so we can identify and remove them once and for all.  

This means mastering strategies to speed up and simplify the organizing process so you’re sure to reach the finish line and not quit halfway there.

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