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Kids Artwork

Kids Artwork

Let’s talk about kids’ artwork.

The amount can be overwhelming! What should you do with it all? Most school paperwork can just be recycled but what about the treasured pieces? It can add up over the years, especially with multiple kids in the house, like we have.

This is what I do: I let me children decide on the “keepers” and display them on their bedroom walls using thumbtacks or frames until the space runs out. Then I pull down the old art to made room for new, incoming artwork.

The older treasures can either be recycled or placed in a three-ring binder for safe keeping and easy viewing.

Be sure your kids put their name and the date on their papers so you’ll know who painted it as well as how old they were at the time, which makes it more meaningful.  A printed name and date are so helpful!

If you don’t have the time to put it all into notebooks, at least store the nicer, quality pieces in bins to protect them from being damaged until you can frame them. 

I know a friend who had two of her son’s large pieces of artwork framed in large matching matted frames and hung them in her dining room.  They look lovely and what pride the child must feel to have their masterpieces on display!

Remember you can also give their artwork as gifts to the grandparents.

May all the projects, papers and artwork your children produce be a blessing to enjoy and display – not clutter!

-Peace By Piece