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What does a “holistic organizer” do?

These are a few of the services we offer:

Coaching – provide guidance and advice to help clients achieve life and organizational goals, develop and assign exercises necessary to modify behavior and establish supportive habits, encourage and support progress.
Critter control – assist clients in purging and removing excess, unwanted, I needed or worthless items, and disposing, recycling, or delivering them to consignment/thrift stores or charitable organizations.
Home office organizing – de-clutter space and set up a functional workspace that is efficient; implement systems to manage paper, personal records, calendars and to do lists
Home Staging services – staging consultations with reporting; de-clutter and de-personalization of home, furniture placement, decorating to showcase home to potential buyers. 
Household management and organizing Dash restore order to any room in clients home; provide household management services; assistance selecting the supervising household help
Kitchen organizing- de-clutter And organize the kitchen cabinets, pantry and refrigerator; arrange efficient work areas and optimize the space; identify select proper storage containers; devise systems and routines to help client stay organized.
Moving and relocating – plan relocation activities and timetable: pack unpack and arrange belongings; work with employer, realtor and other services to coordinate activities essential to successful relocation to a new home.
Office organizing – identify problem areas and coordinate solutions; design efficient and functional desks and workstation; implement systems to manage paper, records and filing systems; 
Personal errands, shopping and concierge Services – provide a variety of personal services for clients including running miscellaneous errands,(Gift buying, grocery shopping etc.) home care services;(Mail pick up, pet sitting, plant care, housesitting);  make personal arrangements (coordinating  dinner delivery service, make reservations and bookings)
Goal setting and priority planning- Guy the clients through creative thinking processes to help them identify and achieve goals; devise strategies for addressing priorities; assist client in writing measurable, results-focused plan is supported by quantifiable objectives.
Wardrobe Organizing – Assist client in Organizing, categorizing and itemizing there wardrobe; manage seasonal clothing; Downsize and optimize wardrobes


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