The garage in your home can quickly become cluttered with items that don’t belong there, which can limit your ability to fully utilize the space. Here are some things that can quickly be tossed to give you the valuable space you need or desire.
1. Hazardous materials: Old paint, chemicals, and other hazardous materials should be disposed of properly. These items can be dangerous and should not be left in the garage. Don’t want to toss the empty paint can that housed your current color scheme? Take the label or a photo of the empty can and file it!
2. Outdated electronics: Old electronics, such as outdated TVs, VCRs, or DVD players, take up space and are no longer useful. Donate them or recycle them properly.
3. Broken or unused items: If something is broken and no longer able to be repaired,  or if you have not used it in several years, it is time to get rid of it. These items not only risk injury but are also taking up space ideal for other needed items. 
4. Clothing and shoes: The garage is not a place to store clothing and shoes, which are surely to get moldy or destroyed by critters over time. If you have boxes or bags of clothes or shoes taking up space, it’s time to find a new home for them.
5. Furniture: While the garage may seem like the perfect place to store extra furniture, or furniture you plan to restore, it can quickly add to the clutter. Find another storage solution for these pieces if they are truly going to be touched in the next six months!
6. Paperwork: The garage is not the place for important documents or paperwork. Moisture, heat, and pests can damage these items. Keep important documents in a secure and climate controlled area. Shred or toss all other outdated paperwork. 
7. Camping and outdoor equipment: These helped provide a great experience, however, they haven’t been used in a couple of years and only take up valuable space. Donate this equipment and allow others to have that same great experience! 
8. Food and beverages: The ideal place for your back-stock of food and beverages is in a climate controlled space. Although most canned goods can withstand high temperatures for a short while, changes in temperature can affect the quality of your food and drink, which means you’ll be throwing away money or worse, getting sick!
By clearing out just these few items from your garage, you’ll create more space and reduce clutter. A clean and organized garage can make it easier to find what you need, and may even inspire you to take up new projects or hobbies!